Koshiyama Cup 2011 Team and Hits


From SAE (Shodokan Aikido Spain) want to thank all members of the Spanish team in the second edition of the Cup Koshiyama (2011). Thank you all could make a great team and enjoy a great competition.

The atmosphere both inside and outside the mat was a success, and as always leave the imprint of the great spirit of Spanish Aikido.

Without further ado here are the members of the Spanish team that represented us in Koshiyama Cup 2011, Geneva.

  1. Phill Newcombe         7D
  2. Rafael Moreno           4D
  3. David  Fernández       2D
  4. Juan López                 1D
  5. Manuel Tapia              1D
  6. Daniel González         1D
  7. Elena   Moreira           1K
  8. Jorge   Rodríguez       1K
  9. Javier  González         1K
  10. Sergio Alonso              2K
  11. David  Dommarco      3K
  12. Daniel Gragera           5K
  13. Yolanda Rodríguez    6K
  14. Ana Velasco               7K
  15. Sergio Merida             7K


All members did a great work, so congratulations to everyone, especially beginners in an international competition and of course, our medal winners:

Kyu Grade – Randori no Kata

Gold Medal: Elena Moreira – Jorge Rodriguez.

Bronze Medal: Javier Gonzalez – Sergio Alonso.


None of this would have been possible without the support of the University of Malaga, Malaga City Council, and the staff of the Demolition Fight Center.

Thank you very much, to everyone.

Shodokan Aikido Spain