Japan Aikido Association NPO

NPO Japan Aikido Association: Purpose of its Foundation

In recent years, the number of people who are prone to sickness is sharply increasing.

They are commonly referred to as mibyosha as their various medical or health problems are threatening to develop into a serious disease any minute.

The phenomenon is attributable to the combination of their aging, their chronic overeating and lack of exercise, and the stressful worklliving environments in which they find themselves.

Unfortunately, such an undesirable tendency cannot be completely curbed by  preventive medicine alone; instead, it is necessary to organize excellent sports programs to facilitate people% mental and physical fitness.

Sports provide people with opportunities to do regular exercise either to strengthen

their physical condition or to learn strong self-discipline.

We regard it as our responsibility to create an ideal environment to enable citizens in each geographical region to engage in a form of lifelong physical education and have thus decided to establish the Japan Aikido Association as a non-profit organization and promote aikido for the purpose of citizens lifelong physical education.

Our main activities will include the organization of training sessions for the general public and competitions for advanced learners.

Our ultimate goal is to improve the health condition of men and women in all age groups through our own athletic events.

The staff members will even be helping elderly citizens to maintain or develop

their physical and mental health.

For the reasons above, we hereby declare the foundation of NPO Japan Aikido Association. We firmly believe that Japanese society will greatly benefit from our endeavor to disseminate aikido techniques nationwide and even overseas, to call attention to the importance of lifelong physical education, and to help improve the general publidls overall health condition.

The idea of Aikido

The aikido of this association aspires towards a state of ‘mushin-mugamae’ (literally no mind – no posture) and aims to keep our body healthy and improve our personality through training and study of both ‘kata’ (fixed form) and ‘randori’ (free form).

The royal road of Budo-training lies at the training and study of ‘kata’ left by our precursors and the practice of ‘randori’ as an alternative for real battle, both exercised without any bias.

With the ‘Aikirandoriho’- system invented by Professor Kenji Tomiki we take distance from the self-righteous ten­dency of only practicing kata. On the other hand, with the training of kata, we overcome the narrow – minded win­ning – is -everything mentality when only practicing randori. By adding a more theoretical aspect of learning we come closer to the ideal state.

By learning we mean not only the abundant concepts included in the study of the art of aikido, but also the foundations of personality, being the study of classical canon of east and west and the forming of a scientific mind. In this international society where many racial and religious disputes occur, we need good Japanese people who through Budo can contribute in realizing world peace. The aspirations of a healthy body, broad cultural knowledge and im­provement of personality by practitioners of aikido can be the foundations that contribute to world peace.

The supreme state of Japanese budo is characterized physically by ‘mugamae’ or no posture, and mentally by ‘mushin’ or no mind. ‘Mugamae’ is a posture without posturing, ‘mushin’ is a transcendental state of mind. Or should we say that the first is rather aimed for after training the idea of basic posture, and the latter rather a slight awareness of things we hold on to? In each case they are not easily achieved. But they serve a conceptual purpose.

The aim of this association is the upbringing of capable aikido loving people who prove useful in Japan and out­side, through the spread of the aforementioned aikido.

JAA certified as NPO

The JAA was officially certified as a nonprofit organisation by the Japanese Government. Registration was completed on 9 May 2005 and the JAA started its activities as an NPO.Having been certified as an NPO, from now on it will be easier to make use of public Dojo’s for training and tournaments.

Credibility to authorise overseas branches is increased, and they will get more

advantages for their activities in their own countries.

For the JAA, it will become easier to receive overseas students and also work permits for Japanese instructors will be more readily available in order to teach


The JAA plans to submit applications to the National Tax Administration Agency in

order to prepare becoming a public service corporation.

NPO-status and promotion of healthy treasury investments

An NPO is a voluntary organisation. Profits from business activities have to be used

meaningfully to facilitate the association’s activities. The association will use the

profits to support its expanding activities, i.e. transport costs for chief-instructors

and instructors, seminar venue costs, publication of instructional books and

other materials, management costs, outsourcing.

Furthermore, the possibility of creating a fund for the schooling of instructors will be investigated.

Through the funding as mentioned above, we will be able to promote the spread of

sports aikido according to our high ideals.

NPO and volunteer activity

Explanations by Masaharu KOMATSU,

Chief of Adminstration