Clossing Address, by Tetsuro Nariyama

Shodoho 23rd Issue 22-Nov-2009 Farmer's Market svenska spelautomater online أعلى فتحات المال الحقيقي rayn nettikasino uhkapeli elokuvat نيد وأصدقائه فتحة

In his letter of 1st November 1974, “I have not yet produced instructors or experienced aikido players. From now on, one of my goals will be to create Aikido experts and
Aikido instructors, to construct a permanent facility and establish branches”.

He went on to say, “Now we have a few Aikido clubs for Competitive Aikido. But in the near future, I would like to establish an Aikido Department in all of the major Judo facilities throughout the world. For this purpose, it is necessary to create experienced aikido instructors.”

It is with this passion expressed by Tomiki shihan that Shodokan was founded as Japan Aikido Association’s Central Dojo from Tomiki shihan’s reserch and development one on March 28th, 1976.

During a class at the Shodokan in August 1979, Tomiki shihan said, “Competitive Aikido is still young. Only 10 years passed since its birth. I need help from all of you in order to establish Competitive Aikido firmly. Now I am old. From now on, it will not be I but you who will develop Competitive Aikido”.

His words of encouragement were always full of energy and passion for the development of
Competitive Aikido. Whenever I hit a wall, I hear his encouraging words and this helps me
overcome difficulties.

I would like to add that we can understand from his comments what it is that he treasured, the words “Competitive Aikido”.

Tomiki shihan always showed us the path of Aikido by constantly using the word “Competitive Aikido”. He also never crowned his achievements by labeling them with his own name.

This shows us his modesty and faith in “Competitive Aikido” and we would like to
continue using the word “Competitive Aikido” in the same way to preserve his thoughts.

One of Tomiki Shihan’ dreams was to spread Competitive Aikido all over the world.

Thirty years passed since his death. We have now successfully completed the 8th International Aikido Tournament. Over 800 Aikido practitioners from 14 countries have attended this tournament. So one of Tomiki Shihan’s dreams has come true.

For the further development of competitive Aikido, it is necessary to produce experienced
instructors, who fully understand the theory of Aikido developed by Tomiki shihan.

I am not good at expressing my feelings. So sometimes my family had to bear the strain of my dedication to Aikido. But I fully understand that a number of people have supported me for a long time. I cannot express my appreciation as I would like to.

So here I would like to say thank you to Tomiki Shihan, my family and all of you for supporting me all this time.

All Aikido practitioners worldwide are now my treasure. We need help from every single
practitioner in order to make Tomiki Shihan’s dream come true.

The dream of Tomiki shihan is also my dream.

To make his dream and my dream come true, I will spend the rest of my life furthering the
development of Competitive Aikido as an Aikido instructor. Thank you all very much.