I Spain Aikido Competition, 2010

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  • Date: 27 of November of 2010
  • Hour: From 10 am until we finish.
  • Place: University Sport Center, Málaga

Embu Events (kata)

1. Mini Open KYU kata.

  • 6 Techniques.
  • Grades: 5º KYU and below (White, Red, Yellow belts).

2. Basic KYU Competition.

  • Randori No Kata/ Junanahon: Only the first ten, Atemi Waza and Hiji Waza.
  • Grades: Up to 3rd Kyu. (White to Green)

3. KYU Competition

  • Randori No Kata / Junanahon
  • Grades: 2nd and 1st Kyu.

4. Tanto Randori No Kata

  • Tanto Randori No Kata/ Tanto Junanahon.
  • Grades: 1ºKyu and Dan

5. Goshin No Kata / Dai San

  • Grades: Dan

Randori Events

-Individual KYU Basic Randori. (male and female)

  • Only Taisabaki-Tegatana
  • Grades: 5º Kyu and Below (White to Yellow)

-Individual Randori (male and female)

Note: Limits of grade are approximate.

Use this registration sheet for each dojo, please speak with the manager of your dojo for completion and send it back. The Registration in the competition remains open until day 27, but please we would appreciate if the document will send back before November 25. For any questions please do not hesitate to write.

Thank you.

Shodokan Aikido Spain