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This is the official presentation page of the Aikido Shodokan in Spain (SAE).

It is an organization dedicated to the practice and promotion of Aikido, developed by Kenji Tomiki Shihan, and especially focused on the way taught by Shihan Tetsuro Nariyama at the Honbu dojo in Osaka (Shodokan HQ), Japan. SAE is attached to the Japan Aikido Association (JAA) and is one of the members of the International Aikido Shodokan Network.

Philip Newcombe (7th Dan) is our Technical Director (Shidosha) as well as for Shodokan UK.

In addition, here you can find some information about our activities and projects, where to train, the grading syllabus system, links to get a global view of the world of Aikido, outstanding videos, …

"Phil Newcombe"